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The Oldies But Goodies Classic Car Club was originally founded in 1976 by then “Ad Man” Scott Campbell in partnership with WDRC AM & FM “Oldies” Radio 📻 … in Hartford CT.

It was initiated MAINLY to function as “a marketing tool” for WDRC to offer their advertising clients as promotional events (car shows) that WDRC’s clients would thus implement in combination with their radio commercials. An “added value”, so to speak, with their media buy.

The OBG Classic Car Club quickly grew to over 2000 members in just the first year, comprised of Classic car owners who just loved having a dynamic radio station organize really some really cool events for them to enjoy their hobby; showing off their vintage vehicles.

50 years later, Ad Man (and GTO guy), Scott retired in AZ.

Hmmm (he thought)…What to do now ?? 🤔

😏 Time for another “Chapter”! An AZ Chapter… of the OBG Classic Car Club. 😊

Cruise on everybody >>>

– Scott

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Memo from the Founder of "OUR CLUB"

My hope and vision for the OBG Classic Car Club is simply this:

Have fun, make friends and "celebrate" the great American automobile...
"Savor" the memories and the lifestyle we enjoy associated with it !

Be safe, turn some heads AND MAKE EM' SMILE!!

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About the Club

The Oldies But Goodies Classic Car Club of Central AZ

9033 W. Hatcher Rd.
Peoria AZ 85345

President & Founder - Scott Campbell

(602) 684-8078


Other Officers:

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Secretary / PR:
COO - Operations Mgr.:
CFO / Treasurer: Judy MacDonald
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DJ & Drive In Movie (Specialist) - Gary Alan

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